A Cheap Wood Burning Stove Langholm

Whether you are looking to buy a cheap wood burner or you are looking to save money in the long run with a quality wood burner, you need to consider all of the following points.

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A Cheap Wood Burning Stove

A cheap wood burning stove can deliver inexpensive home heating.

What's here?

Here are some strategies for finding a cheap wood burning stove.

One way to improve your home is to obtain and install a cheap wood stove. However, a good, inexpensive wood burning stove is not so easy to find.

Even a stove from the lower end of the price spectrum is likely to cost you several hundred pounds or dollars. However, wood burning stoves can be cheap to run.

A well-chosen wood-burner looks fantastic and offers cosy warmth which percolates through the house.

This page takes a look at some of the options for cheap home heating using a wood stove.

However there are pitfalls and false economies to beware of.

What to look for when you buy a wood burner

Jotul wood burning stoves are well regarded

A Jøtul wood burning stove - beautiful and efficient!

The best wood burner buy for your home will be one that's the right size for your home.

A wood burner which is too small will be unsatisfactory because your house will not be warm enough during those critical winter months when a decent source of heat is essential. There's a temptation to burn the stove as hot as possible to make up for its inadequate size. This will most likely result in damage to the stove sooner or later. This is not the best route to find a cheap wood burning stove!

Too large!

If you buy a cheap second-hand wood burner which is overly large, you may find that you are burning more wood than you intended and heat is being wasted. Alternatively, a large stove kept at a smoulder will not burn so cleanly.

So how do you estimate the optimum size to buy a wood burner? To select a good, cheap wood burning stove you need to understand how much heat you need - which depends, in part, on the size of your home.

Choosing the right size wood burner for your home

Whether you are looking to buy a cheap wood burner or you are looking to save money in the long run with a quality wood burner, you need to consider all of the following points.

How large is the room in which the wood burner is to be?

How many room do you intend to heat - and what are their sizes. Are you planning to use your wood burner to heat just one room or is it going to carry a central heating system? central

Is your home open plan or do you just plan to heat a single room?

Air flow

A large wood burner can easily generate enough heat for several rooms - but only if the air flow around your home is conducive to this. One over-hot room in order to keep other rooms bearable is not so efficient - or cheap.

Some wood stove websites have a handy room size calculator to help you find the best stove for you. You enter the size of your room and the calculator tells you what output to look for in a stove. While this is well worth doing, it's also good to double check by actually speaking to a knowledgeable merchant.

Some wood burners can run a central heating system. This is something to bear in mind if you ar...

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