Benefits of Aromatherapy Air Fresheners Langholm

Any air freshener which contains natural essential oils as the main active ingredient may be considered to be an aromatherapy air freshener.

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Benefits of Aromatherapy Air Fresheners

An Aromatherapy Air Freshener Using Essential Oils

So, what is an aromatherapy air freshener?

Any air freshener which contains natural essential oils as the main active ingredient may be considered to be an aromatherapy air freshener.

However, some commercial air fresheners may contain essential oils but still not be particularly good. That is, they may not be good for our health, or they may not be good for the environment.

aromatherapy air freshener - this magazine has recipes for mixtures of essential oilsThis is because of the way they have been produced or because of the additional additives used. Big companies often try to get our custom by including some essential oil in their product but the bottom line is they are still not very green - and not very natural. There are often other ingredients included which make the product unsuitable from a green living standpoint, too.

Also, the quantity of real essential oil is often very small and the quality of oil used may be low.

So how can we find the real thing? Read on for lots of tips for using essential oils and other aromatherapy products for freshening the rooms in you home. See also the .

(see picture, above) contains lots of useful advice about aromatherapy products and techniques.

A homemade aromatherapy air freshener using real essential oils

So how can you make your own essential oil aromatherapy air freshener?

You can make your own aromatherapy air freshener quite easily whether you have an oil burner or not.

First, buy a selection of high quality essential oils, preferably ones, so that you can ring the changes and use different ones for different purposes.

Buy the very best quality essential oils you can afford. This is because these oils are quite potent and, after all, you are breathing the scents so it is important that they are pure, preferably from accredited organic sources.

Good quality aromatherapy oils are available (in the UK) from . has a selection, too.

aromatherapy air freshener - wild roses in June

Picture above: Wild roses in June. Rose oil is one of the most sought-after natural oils.

A good selection of aromatherapy oils

Here's are some details of some of the best oils for home use for scenting and purifying the air.They are in alphabetical order.

Citronella oil will repel most insects and the perfume is quite pleasant. Some people may be sensitive to this oil, so try it out cautiously.

Eucalyptus oil has the familiar strong smell which we probably all associate with colds and sore throats as it is used in so many common cold remedies. It has strong antiseptic properties and also protects against insects. Probably a bit drastic for everyday use but valuable for clearing the air when there is an infection in the house. It may help prevent the transmission of bacteria as it is highly antiseptic and may even help against viruses.

Frankincense, as well as having a wonderful rich smell, has antibacterial properties. A good choice as a room freshener.

Geranium oil has a wonderful sweet fragrance and has ...

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