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Peter Scott - Commercial and Domestic Carpet Cleaning
01434 605894
Meadow Cottage
Hexham, EN
01434 606228
6 St. Wilfrids Road
Corbridge, EN
01661 836840
6, John Wesley Court
prudhoe, EN
Bellingham Carpet Cleaning Services
01434 220174
8 Cairns Road
Hexham, EN
01434 681832
01434 681219
Hexham, EN
Ovenu Northumberland Central
01830 540445
Newcastle upon Tyne, EN
01434 605546
Shotton (Transport) Ltd
01434 681219
Chollerford Garage
Hexham, EN
Ablecare Cleaning Services
0191 2372533
67 Acomb Avenue
Seaton Delaval, EN
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Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Association

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Home Steam Cleaners and Green Cleaning

First of all, steam cleaners only uses water to clean, which makes it more eco-friendly than using detergents. This appliance heats up water in order to produce steam. The steam has temperature higher than water's boiling point so it can eradicate common household germs and bacteria detrimental to one's health. This cleaning action also works well in dissolving dirt, stain, grime, mud and moulds.

As an all-purpose machine, you do not need to purchase all sorts of cleaning chemicals in order to get rid of the microscopic hazards in your home. It also dispenses the need of consuming bottles. You are no longer going to purchase bottles of bleach.

When you use chemical solutions, you need buckets of water to wash it off so there are no remnants that might affect your kids. When using this type of cleaner, you only need a few gallons of water to clean your house effectively....

Home steam cleaners are a great addition to your cleaning cupboard!

Steam cleaners offer considerable benefits for green living home makers. They are reasonably cheap to run and help you avoid lots of potentially harmful chemicals.

Here is an article on the benefits of home steam cleaning - and the best choices for domestic steam cleaners.

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Going Green With Home Steam Cleaners

Home steam cleaners are an eco-friendly alternative to using chemical cleaners such as bleach.

We go for chemical cleaners because they are easily accessible in the market. You can find them in the cleaning alley of any grocery store. These products may make our homes cleaner but they are leaving a huge mark on our environment. The chemicals in the products you are using are washed off and mix with water sources. They are absorbed by the soils that will be washed during the rainy season and will flow in to our rivers and other water sources.

It does not end there though. The bottles used in storing these cleaning substances cannot be easily recycled. They stay on the surface of the earth, on the dump sites, for many centuries.

How Chemical Cleaners Affect Our Health

Another big issue to tackle is how these chemical cleaners inadvertently affect our health. We know they are toxic when ingested but how exactly can they cause illnesses and possibly even death?

Our skin is naturally porous and biologically permeable. Because of that, chemicals can easily penetrate the surface of our skin and attack cells. The damages it can evoke will depend on the chemicals that have penetrated your system. Acid-based cleaners can lead to skin damages and burns.

Children with very sensitive skin can get easily irritated with these cleaners. Imagine these cleaners lying in your home. Your kids can get into contact with them accidentally.

Why Are Home Steam Cleaners Better?

There are a lot of points to discuss when it comes to the benefits of using home steam cleaners and the first one is its environmental advantages.

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