Cheap Healthy Recipe Ideas to Feed All the Family Llanelli

Cheap healthy recipes must provide good solid nutrition and for breakfast it is often good to have plenty of complex carbohydrates to get the energy system moving!

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Cheap Healthy Recipe Ideas to Feed All the Family

The Cheap Healthy Recipe Page

Here are some of the best cheap healthy recipes I have found for easy healthy eating.

Healthy food is a must for green living. If you want to you may also find some of these recipes useful, especially if you grow some of your own organic vegetables.

Healthy meals are easy to make if you have access to good quality, organic ingredients. Organic vegetable dishes can often be very simple because the ingredients are so tasty!

Organic foods can be expensive. and offers a few strategies for reducing costs and returning to a more natural and organic lifestyle.

You can also save money on cooking by

I'll start this collection of cheap healthy recipes with breakfast staples and then come to light lunches and finally some simple, healthy recipes for main meals and dinners.

Cheap healthy recipes must provide good solid nutrition and for breakfast it is often good to have plenty of complex carbohydrates to get the energy system moving! What could be finer than a good muesli made with organic whole grains?

Cheap Healthy Recipe Page:

A Simple Muesli Recipe

Muesli mix

If you want a good quality muesli it is often cheaper to mix it yourself.

Take about 3 cups of organic oats (flaked or rolled).

Add a cup of wholewheat flakes. If you are sensitive to wheat, either omit the wheat flakes or add spelt wheat flakes instead. Spelt is an ancient form of wheat which many people find easier to digest than modern wheat strains.

Add a cupful of rye and/or barley flakes.

Whole barley or wheat berries are good if you are going to soak the muesli before eating it. It's best to keep them separate so that you have the option! They will need to be soaked overnight.

Add a cupful of mixed dried fruit, chopped if you are using larger things such as apricots and dates. Lexia raisins are very tasty.

Add a few chopped nuts such as hazelnuts, brazils or cashews. You can also experiment with a few seeds such as sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds - though not everyone likes the taste. Too many nuts and seeds can make the muesli a bit indigestible, so go easy - half a cupful will be enough for most people.

That's it!

Store your muesli mix in a cool dry place.

For best results add liquid (milk, soya milk, rice milk, fruit juice) either the night before or half and hour before you want to eat your muesli. Add plenty of cut up fresh fruit.

Muesli can also be prepared . Just cook it and treat it the same as porridge. Very nice on cold days.

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Cheap Healthy Recipe Page:

Single vegetable organic soup

cheap-healthy-recipes - carrot soup

Organic vegetables tend to be full of vitamins and minerals and are usually tastier than their chemically farmed cousins.

Some fresh organic vegetables lend themselves particularly well to soup making and produce a fine tasty soup with nothing added but a few herbs and seasoning - though a dollop of cream can do a lot to make them even tastier. U...

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