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Green cleaning is a must if you want to be environmentally friendly in your lifestyle. These green product reviews should help you get the best of cleaning while keeping to your green principles!

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Cleaning Product Reviews

Cleaning Product Reviews

Some cleaning product reviews of popular "green" products

Here are reviews of some common "green" cleaning products that we have used.

Green cleaning is a must if you want to be environmentally friendly in your lifestyle. These green product reviews should help you get the best of cleaning while keeping to your green principles!

These are not stringent scientific tests but rather my own subjective impressions of the products from using them at home over a period of time.

I try to assess how well they contribute to green living, and how practical they are.

All the products reviewed here (by Greenfootsteps) are recommended as environmentally safer and less damaging to health than conventional products.

I do not directly sell any of these products, so I have no axe to grind.I'm only posting reviews of products that I consider to be worth the candle!

Add your own review!

Want to review a green cleaning product yourself? Or would you like to comment on a product that has already been reviewed?

Laundryballs, Washballs

Kleeneze washballs

Cleaning Product Review:

Kleeneze are a British firm, now also operating in Holland.

I used a from them for about 5 months. I thought it was initially rather expensive (just under £5) but it lasted and lasted. It worked well and there were no problems with the glue of the plastic casing at high temperatures. It was not refillable (unlike the Aquaball, see below) and the ball was rather easy to lose track of, as it was quite small and white: hard to find in a pile of white laundry. Perhaps the fact that it is not refillable is compensated for by the longevity of the ball.

My verdict: very good value.

Twenty First Century Health Washball (Aquaball)

Cleaning Product Review:

These washballs come in a stylish pack of two, with extra refills for when the inner clay balls wear away with use. There is also a stain remover included which seems to work well. (See below for stain remover reviews.)

Quite cheap laundry balls from Amazon

My first ball - a spiky green plastic - fell apart in the wash after about six washes so I wasn't so impressed with that. However on reading the packaging I found that I should be using it at no more than 80 degrees Centigrade, so perhaps I erred there.

Most of the washes I do using washballs have been at 40 degrees or below but I do prefer to use higher temperatures sometimes. I wrote to the company to complain about the disintegrating ball and they kindly sent me 2 replacement shells.

I am still using the other ball and it is fine. It does not get lost so easily as the Kleeneze one, being larger and bright green. The balls inside the washball lasted as well as the Kleeneze ones. So far, I'm impressed with washballs as a natural cleaning product. They all seem to work equally well.

Family members can be a little suspicious that the spikes put holes in clothes. Many modern fashio...

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