Easy Apple Recipes for Savoury Dishes and Desserts Lockerbie

Here are some great easy apple recipes which will help you to use all your crop - good for bought apples, too!

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Easy Apple Recipes for Savoury Dishes and Desserts

Easy Apple Recipes to Please All the Family!

Here are some great easy apple recipes which will help you to use all your crop - good for bought apples, too!

We have several excellent apple trees and we are often challenged to find good ways to use them! These recipes have been gradually collected in response to that challenge.

A versatile ingredient

If you have apples at home you need some easy apple recipes to help you make the best of them.

Easy apple recipes - the raw materials!

Apples are such a versatile ingredient, not just for puddings but for some savoury dishes too.

Home grown apples can be so abundant that many of them just lie unpicked on the ground providing a feast for the birds. These easy apple recipes should help you cope.

Picture: easy apple recipes - the raw ingredients! Apples are also great for giving to the neighbours and for trading with other fruit and veg growers. Apple desserts are always welcome gifts when you go visiting.

Then there's always cider making....

See the bottom of the page for a new recipe for apple butter - a great accompaniment for savoury dishes.

What's here?

Easy apple recipes for pie, raspberry and apple cake, apple sauce, home-brew cider, ideas for savoury uses for apples and a recipe for apple butter.

For more easy apple recipes, see also which uses apples as the main ingredient.

Apple Pie - a Good Place to Start!

Who ever needs an apple pie recipe? You can't have a page of easy apple recipes without one for apple pie! This is the way we do it.

The pastry

12 oz/ 300 gm plain flour

5 - 6 oz/ 125-150 gm margarine

1 egg (optional)

cold water to mix

  • Mix the flour and fat in a food processor or by hand to create "breadcrumbs" i.e. a fine crumbly texture. If you are doing this by hand just use the tips of your fingers so that the mixture does not warm up too much.
  • Add the egg, if desired, and mix in well.
  • Add the water gradually and knead lightly until a ball of dough is produced. Again, handle the mixture as little as possible so as to keep it cool.
  • Cover with cling film or a damp cloth (greener) and set it somewhere cool for half an hour. A fridge is ideal.
  • Select and wash your apples and switch on the oven.

You will need approximately these amounts, depending on the size of your pie dish:

About 1 - 2 pounds of apples/ 1/2 - 1 kilo

About 6 - 8 oz sugar/ 150 - 200 gm

  • Divide the dough into two slightly umequal portions. Use the larger portion for the base. Roll out the pastry carefully and use it to line a greased heatproof dish. A proper pie dish is best, with a flat rim so that the pastry is supported at the edge.
  • When the oven is hot enough (Gas mark 5), put the pastry base into the oven for ten minutes.

  • Now prepare the apples
  • Peel and core the apples. Bramleys or other cookers are ideal but you can also make pie with eating apples. If the skins are sound you don't have to peel them - it's all good roughage, after all.
  • Slice the apples an...

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