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Almonds & Raisins Health Foods Ltd
0191 2615959
15-17 Princess Square
Newcastle Upon Tyne, EN

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Ss Health Foods
0191 2961296
4 Bedford Terrace
North Shields, EN

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Holland & Barrett
0191 2516107
287-289 Whitley Road
Whitley Bay, EN

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Health & Beauty Clinic
0191 2735100
11 13 Crossley Terrace
Newcastle Upon Tyne, EN

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Julian Graves Ltd
0191 2962378
47 Royal Quays Factory Outlets
North Shields, EN

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Healthi Choice Blyth
01670 365426
32 Bowes Street
Blyth, EN

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Food For Thought
0191 2375935
28 Astley Road
Whitley Bay, EN

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Heritage Health
01670 816729
15 Lintonville Terrace
Ashington, EN

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Wellbeing Health Shop
0191 4165012
92 The Galleries
Washington, EN

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Healthy Choice
01670 511066
8 Back Riggs
Morpeth, EN

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The Nutritional Value of Fruit

The nutritional value of fruit? Is eating fruit essential to human health?

What is the nutritional value of fruit?

This page takes a look at this broad issue and tries to apply a few answers both from the perspective of health and green living.

Eat up your greens! (And fruit)

We are always told that fruit eating is good for us. And yet some people seem to be able to get by with very little or no real fruit intake. Some people persevere with eating fruit against their instincts. And some even find that eating fruit can cause digestive upsets and tummy aches.

Nevertheless, fruit does have definite nutritional value and most people will benefit from including a generous supply in their daily diet.

For more info on fruit please also see Fabulous Fresh Fruit Salad Recipes
and All Types of Fruit for Good Health

Here are some of the benefits of eating fruit

the nutritional value of fruit - an apple is unbeatable for good health The nutritional value of fruit is partly owing to the supply of good vitamins and enzymes which it delivers.

Obviously, different fruits vary in their specific attributes - and we'll look at some of the commoner fruits in a moment.

But it is true to say that most fruit supplies fresh vitamins, minerals and enzymes and we can make some (hopefully useful) generalisations about some of the commoner ones. You could say that the nutritional value of fruit lies mainly in its ability to supply these things abundantly. But see below for other amazing properties of fruit...

Some studies indicate that where dietary supplements may deliver a handful of vitamins and enzymes, natural foods such as fruit can contain thousands of active, health-promoting agents!

Zippy Enzymes

I'll talk about one of the most over-looked benefits of fruit- eating first.

Fresh uncooked fruit supplies living enzymes which our systems can use to great advantage. For example, many fruits supply "superoxide dismutase" - otherwise attractively named "SOD" for short. This enzyme has a role in protecting us against ageing. It is present in virtually all raw foods and it has a protective role against free-radicals and other damaging rogue molecules. It acts as an anti-oxidant. SOD also has a role in protecting the joints and the cardio-vascular system and respiratory system from age-related damage.

Some scientists maintain that SOD is largely broken down by the digestive juices. Further, if we are healthy, we produce our own SOD.

While this may well be true, SOD in foods can be assimilated to some extent and this process is helped by a natural nutrient found in wheat - gliadin . (So once again natural muesli with fresh fruit scores well as a health food!) You can even buy a supplement based on cantaloupe and gliadin - it's called "Glisodin".

One type of SOD has an effect upon the mitochondria in our body cells. These little majiggers are responsible for generating energy for us to use.

I know from first hand experience that when I include lots of fresh raw foods, including fruit in my diet I fe...

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