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Noric Ltd
028 71311039
29a Glendermott Road
Londonderry, NI
Emerald Lawns Ireland Ltd
028 71860051
16 Cloghole Road, Campsie
Londonderry, NI
Emerald Lawns Ireland Ltd
028 7186 0551
16, Cloghole Rd, Campsie,
Londonderry, NI
R & T Landscape Services
028 7133 7577
32, Cregglea, Claudy,
Londonderry, NI
d.a. forgie
028 7772 2375
16 Seacoast Road
Londonderry, NI
C.J.R Landscaping
07805 449078
79, Dunboyne Park, Eglinton,
Londonderry, NI
Harkin Lawnmowers
028 71269992
Springtown Industrial Estate Springtown Road
Londonderry, NI
Evergreen Lawns Limited
028 71810225
12 Foyle Avenue, Greysteel
Londonderry, NI
Forgie D A
028 77722375
16 Seacoast Rd
Londonderry, NI
Altnagelvin Garden Centre
028 71343846
100 Irish Street
Londonderry, NI

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A Garden Sickle for Effective Wilderness Control

A sharp garden sickle can do most of the jobs a medium sized strimmer can do. It's easy and surprisingly quick - and you get some exercise, too! You will not usually be able to get that ne...

A Garden Sickle for Effective Wilderness Control

A simple garden sickle will help you to control your wilderness!

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The humble garden sickle is an effective aid against nettles and docks and other encroaching weeds from the wild! In my view, it's one of the very best garden tools.

This tool has been around for millennia; flint sickles have been found in Palestine and Jordan, dating from more than 10,000 years ago. The development of the sickle played a key role in the agricultural revolution of neolithic times when grasses such as wheat and barley became staple foods for the people of the "fertile crescent".

Sickles are still highly useful tools and they are a worth while addition to the garden tool shed.

Most gardeners who try to cultivate more than just a few square metres of land find that the task multiplies overnight almost. In springtime all the hedges and garden borders quickly become over-run with various weeds and grasses. They appear as if from nowhere - and if you live in the countryside, near to real wild spaces, the problem can be severe. Some kind of wilderness control becomes essential, therefore.

Garden strimmer or garden sickle?

The favoured solution for many people is to break out the noisy strimmer and whiz the garden back into shape. This may be OK and when it works, the results can be impressive.

But many people find that snagged lines and constant breakages make the task less than straightforward. There's also a danger of running through a favourite plant hidden in the long grass. Strimmers can do quite a bit of damage to young trees and srubs.

Most grass trimmers and strimmers are noisy and quite hard work to operate if the garden is already rather out of control. If the garden is already pretty tame, then a trimmer can complete the job to a high standard. But if wilderness control is needed, then one solution is to buy a large strimmer or even a brush cutter.

Many people will probably not want to buy and use a full blown brush cutter. These machines are like big strimmers, and often have blades instead of plastic line. They need the user to wear protective gear in order to be safe - gloves, stout trousers and boots and eye protectors. (Even for small garden strimmers you are normally advised to use safety goggles and wear stout boots.)

Some large strimmers also need a special belt to be worn so that the machine can be balanced properly by being attached to it.

And of course, all these modern machines consume energy in the form of gas or electricity. If you are interested in green living, a garden sickle makes a lot of sense as an alternative to modern powered tools.

Quick and easy!

A simple garden sickle is an under-rated tool for controlling the invading wilderness.

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