Healthy Living Newtownabbey

The start to a healthy lifestyle and good health is through diet and exercise. Use the following articles to learn how diet, exercise, and stress management can help you live healthy.

Are Metal Chopsticks the Best Cutlery? Newtownabbey

Chopsticks made from metals are becoming more commonplace as a substitute for wooden ones. What has this to do with green living? Are such chopsticks more sustainable and do they make the best cutlery for an authentic oriental dining experience? Read on for details.

Benefits of Aromatherapy Air Fresheners Newtownabbey

Any air freshener which contains natural essential oils as the main active ingredient may be considered to be an aromatherapy air freshener.

Easy Homemade Christmas Presents for a Greener Yuletide Newtownabbey

There are many simple gifts which can be made at home which are likely to have a far lower carbon footprint than most bought goods. And if you use some recycled materials - you get a few extra brownie points for lowering your carbon footprint even further!

Health Benefits of a Fish Oil Supplement Newtownabbey

Fish oil supplements are generally well tolerated, although some people may notice a fishy after-taste. It is worth checking with your physician before adding fish oil to your diet, as fish oil supplements may react with some prescription medicines. A few people may experience allergic reactions from fish oil.

Healthier Diet Advice for a Greener Lifestyle Newtownabbey

A healthy diet tends to keep us fit and well so that we tend to need less treatment and support for our health. That, in turn saves resources and care for those who really need it.

Natural Alternatives to Prescription Drugs Newtownabbey

Here are some thoughts on the use of prescription medicines for depression and anxiety. There's a very brief look at some of the disadvantages of Prozac and Valium (diazepam) in treating depression and anxiety and some suggestions for alternative routes to mental health and happiness.

Seven Stress Reduction and Relaxation Techniques Newtownabbey

Stress is a natural response to life's problems and difficulties and to some extent stress is good for you. It is very noticeable that people who (apparently) don't have many stresses often invent stresses for themselves.

The Benefits of Fitness Walking for Health and Vitality Newtownabbey

Now we know just how beneficial it is to walk but we haven't the time. Not having the time, we lose the ability to walk properly, becoming unfit and flabby, so that walking even a short way becomes a struggle!
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