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Country Collection Mail Order
01697 741444
Craw Hall
Brampton, EN
Hoopers Carlisle
01228 524202
41-51 Castle Street
Carlisle, EN
Debenhams Carlisle
0844 5616161
15 East Tower Street
Carlisle, EN
01228 522051
73 Castle Street
Carlisle, EN
Discount Warehouse
(016) 977-2128
18 Front Street
Brampton, EN
Marks & Spencer
01228 522478
42 English Street
Carlisle, EN
Argos Catologue Shop
01228 549980
42 Lowther Street
Carlisle, EN
House Of Fraser
01228 525454
26 40 English Street
Carlisle, EN
A B W Hardware
(016) 977-2856
Gelt Road
Brampton, EN
01228 525596
98 - 104 English Street
Carlisle, EN

Natural Household Cleaners for Non-toxic Home Cleaning

Use Natural Household Cleaners for a Greener, Safer Home

(A green home can also be a clean home)

Natural household cleaners provide a good safe alternative to chemical cleaners for a clean, greener home. Using natural household cleaners can be an effective addition to your green living strategies.

More and more people are adversely affected by the chemicals in their home environment. Using non-toxic, natural cleaners reduces the burden.

Using non-toxic cleaning products is not really chemical-free cleaning. But the chemicals used in these environmentally-safe cleaning products have fewer effects on our health.

Please see the bottom of the page for links to different kinds of natural household cleaners.

Our modern homes are full of chemicals!

They are in the building materials used, the furniture and fittings and even everyday objects around the house such as the television and magazine covers. Some are harmless or inert and others are really quite toxic.

Plug-in air fresheners - the latest advertising executives dream product - have been linked to shortness of breath. Here in the UK, whole supermarket aisles are practically given over to selling these products.

Many of these substances can affect anyone who comes into contact with them. People who are allergic or who have other health problems can be severely affected in some cases. Some perfumes may also cause allergic reactions.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for anyone who wants to have a clean, fresh house without the use of toxic products.

What are natural household cleaners?

Natural household cleaners are bio-friendly products which do not contain unnecessary chemicals. They are non-toxic or a lot less toxic for us and the environment.

The chemical composition of natural household cleaners is usually simple and many of them have been in use for generations. They don’t harm the environment and they don’t harm us!

By using non-toxic cleaners we can live in a less toxic home environment. This helps us to be healthier. Most of them break down harmlessly in the water and soil, causing no damage to wildlife and plant life or even humans.

The good news...

It’s hard to avoid many of these chemicals.

After all, who wants to live without a TV?

Or a sofa?

Not very many people. (Modern sofas are treated with flame retardants.)

But there are ways we can reduce the number of toxic chemicals around us.

The first thing to do is to look at the products we use to clean our homes. We can certainly control which ones we buy!

How do chemical cleaning products affect us?

Many modern cleaning products contain harmful irritants and dyes. Some even contain solvents. Oven cleaners for example commonly contain toxic chemicals. Household bleach is a corrosive irritant and many multi-purpose cleaners contain a cocktail of chemicals, including ones which are thought to act on the central nervous system!

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