Organic Lawn Care Products and Methods Kilmarnock

Here's a short guide to organic lawn care products which will help keep your organic lawn in tip top shape. It would be nice to think you can leave your lawn to its own devices and let nature take its course.

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Organic Lawn Care Products and Methods

Organic Lawn Care Products and Methods for a Truly Green Lawn

Here's a short guide to organic lawn care products which will help keep your organic lawn in tip top shape.

It would be nice to think you can leave your lawn to its own devices and let nature take its course. But a lawn is a relatively artificial environment which needs cultivation and care for best results. Lawns need to have their fertility levels replenished, especially if you are aiming to have an attractive green lawn which is a pleasure to see - and sit upon!

Dry conditions, very wet conditions, icy winters and wear and tear from foot traffic will all take their toll.

You can keep your lawn in fine fettle by by adding natural home made fertilisers such as comfrey tea or composted kitchen waste. Read on for information about commercial solutions to lawn care.

Sometimes you may feel the need for an additional boost, or a quicker route to a glorious green lawn. There are also other things you can do to help your lawn stay green and lush. See the bottom of the page for other maintenance tips.

Here are a few commercial organic lawn care products which will help you keep the upper hand.

Organic lawn care products to buy

A specialised organic lawn care product such as Nature's Turf 8-1-9 fertiliser is worth applying if your lawn is struggling.

A fifty pound bag will treat a lawn area up to 16,000 sq feet, depending upon the rate of application. It helps restore biological activity so it's best used in the spring. It's low in phosphorus which means that it will not encourage weed growth in your lawn.

There are also special lawn fertilisers for autumn use. Try Natural Gardening's Autumn Lawn fertiliser which is designed to help stimulate root growth. It contains rapeseed and prairie meal, kelp meal, lignite, rock phosphate and mined sulphate of potash. These are all natural and organic products and suitable for use by vegetarians, too. From the Natural Gardening website:

"The ingredient lists of many commercially available products read like the contents of a slaughterhouse: - blood meal, meat and bone meal, feather meal, fish meal, hoof and horn meal and various animal manures. The increasing concerns associated with some of these materials e.g. BSE, Foot and Mouth, Salmonella and E.coli infections has lead Thomas & Fontaine Ltd to develop the Natural Gardening range of organic fertilisers based upon plant materials."

Organic lawn care products

Seaweed extract - a natural organic lawn care product

Seaweed extract is a valuable tonic which can benefit your lawn. Seaweed is very rich in micro-nutrients and trace elements. The alginic acid found in seaweed also helps conserve moisture in the soil - a useful fact, given that some many of us are struggling with watering bans and drier summers. It also helps with crumb structure in the soil. Seaweed extracts can temporarily deplete the nitrogen in the soil - this is because the seawee...

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