Uses of Baking Soda Llanelli

Baking soda has great qualities as a scouring powder and is particularly good for deodorising sinks and garments. So why not try baking soda for cleaning around your home? It's very straightforward and safe.

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Uses of Baking Soda

Baking Soda for Cleaning and Other Home Uses

Have you tried baking soda for cleaning yet? It's another great easy way to green up your household cleaning routines.

Here's why you should use baking soda for cleaning

Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is a another great natural cleaning agent.

It has great qualities as a scouring powder and is particularly good for deodorising sinks and garments. So why not try baking soda for cleaning around your home? It's very straightforward and safe.

Here are some details.

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What is baking soda?

Sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, is a relatively simple and safe chemical. It is an alkaline, crystalline white powder which has been known and used (in the form of natron) since ancient times as a cleaner, antiseptic and water softener.

Natron is a mixture of bicarb (about 17%) and soda ash, (hydrated sodium carbonate), common salt and small quantities of other chemical salts. Natron is deposited in salty lakes in dry parts of the world.

The ancient Egyptians used it for many common tasks, from brushing teeth to mummification of the dead. Blended with oil, it was used as a kind of body soap.

It has many other useful cleaning properties from softening water to removing oil, grease and alcohol stains.

It has been superseded by modern, factory produced sodium bicarbonate.

What is the chemical formula for baking soda?

The main active ingredient in baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) has a relatively simple chemical formula: NaHCO3. It is, therefore, a chemical, but a relatively harmless one.

What cleaning jobs is baking soda good for?

Bicarb can be used for cleaning around the kitchen. Use it as a scouring paste on a cloth or scourer for cleaning worktops, surfaces, the sink, etc. Just sprinkle some onto a cloth or scourer and away you go!

Use it as a deodoriser in the fridge. Sprinkle a little onto a plate and leave it for half an hour, or use it as above for swabbing the surfaces of the fridge after cleaning.

Sinks and drains

To clean clogged sinks tip about a cupful of baking soda down the plug hole and follow up with neat vinegar.

Use baking soda to clean grout. It works at least as well as the commercial products I've used for this job. Use a toothbrush or similar small brush to apply it and scrub. Just wash off with water afterwards.

It can also be used to clean metalwork - the Statue of Liberty was cleaned using sodium bicarbonate.

Where to buy baking soda for cleaning

You can easily buy small quantities in any supermarket as its used in bakery products. However, if you want to use it in your regular cleaning programme you are likely to want it in greater quantities.

You can get it from in large enough quantities for cleaning.

Baking soda is not yet sold in many supermarkets as a cleaning product but some health food shops are beginning to stock it in the UK.

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